PTFE / PFA-hoses corrugated

PTFE: High-quality interior sheathing of polytetrafluorethylene or PFA, perfluoralkoxy copolymer

Usable at high working temperatures as well as with
chemical media; fittings of stainless steel, brass and
normal steel, development and fabrication.

Why PTFE / PFA corrugated hoses?

  • High chemical resistance against nearly all chemicals,
    cleaning agents and solvents
  • Low weight as well as highest possible flexibility with high
    bending resistance
  • Weathering, UV and age resistant
  • Water absorption < 0.1%
  • High temperature resistance between -70 °C and +200 °C
  • Extremely low interior friction
  • Mesh sheathing of stainless steel wire
  • Also available with wear-resistant plastic sheathing