Thermoplastic high-pressure hoses

With a burst pressure of up to 2800 bar

Thermoplastic high-pressure hoses with a burst pressure
of up to 2800 bar. Development and production of fittings.

Why thermoplastic high-pressure hoses?

  • High chemical resistance against nearly all chemicals,
    cleaning agents and solvents
  • Up to 50% weight savings over comparable
    rubber hoses, with a smaller bending radius
    at maximum flow
  • High ozone, UV and age resistance
  • Sheathing stabilised against hydrolysis and
    microbial growth
  • Low intrinsic flow resistance, as well as low
    expansion at maximum working pressure
  • High impact resistance and lifetime
  • High wear resistance of the sheathing


For gaseous applications, the hose is perforated - please include specifications with your request.