Metering technology

Hoses and fittings for metering systems

Take a look at the industry competence of RK Kutting.

  • Outstanding resistance to adhesives,
    sealants and fillers
  • The high quality of our PTFE smooth hoses guarantees the optimum
    transport of material at minimum volumetric expansion
  • No sedimentation of fillers
  • Perfect for 2K systems
  • Outstanding chemical resistance,
    even to abrasive casting media
  • Ideal material combination for fittings, e.g. V2A or V4A for medium-
    carrying components and steel for non-medium-carrying components
  • Engineering of special fittings as well as our own chipping equipment
    for prototype construction and very small production lots
  • Water absorption < 0.1%
  • Extensive line of standard fittings and special sizes